We’ll leave this page up for a little while so you can see what was won!

GIFT CERTIFICATE ITEMS — These are services; the winning bidder will be sent a certificate by Email.

1. Sotuta de Peon Hacienda & Cenote Tour

Tour the working henequen hacienda and
visit the private cenote
for 4 people
Donor: Sotuta de Peon
Value: MX$2,800
2. Fishing Charter on the Ria (Lagoon)

4 people — tarpon, snook, speckled sea trout
Certificate expires March 5, 2023
Donor: Randy Bowser, Progreso Fishing Tours
Value: MX$5,600
3. Maya Site / Hacienda / Cenote Tour

Mayapan ruins, two village Haciendas, cavern Cenote,
open Cenote, Mayan lunch
for 4 people
Gift Certificate expires March 31, 2023
Donor: Yucatan Cenote Excursions
Value: MX$6,000
4. Half price Perm or Temp Residency Service

Donor: Easy Legal Mexico
Service normal price is MX$6,000
Gift Certificate expires March 31, 2023
Value (of your certificate): MX$3,000
5. Catamaran Lesson & Trip for 2 people

Donor: Capt. Dave Skrobot
Gift Certificate expires March 31, 2023
Value: MX$1,000
6. Gourmet Dinner in Private Home for 8 people

Donor/Host/Chef: Jack Brown
Alcoholic beverages not included.
Ample time before dinner for drinks
under the palapa.
Winning bidder will select from
4 different menu options.
Jack will accommodate any food allergies.
Value: MX$6,000

ART AND OTHER ITEMS — The winner is responsible for picking up the item in Progreso or Merida no later than March 31, 2022. Sorry, but unless specifically noted, the Progreso Apoyo Program cannot ship art or other items.

7. “Deconstructed Guacamole”
Pastel, framed, 15″ x 18″

Donated by the artist: Susan Bearance
Value: MX$800
8. Guatemalan Embroidered Leather Briefcase

Appx. 14″ x 16″
Donor: Bolom Balam Shop, Progreso
Value: MX$1,350

9. Mayan Vessel
Authentic reproduction signed by the artist

12.5cm high
(historical information in a text file)
Donated by the Artist: Patricia Martin
Value: MX$4,000

10. “El Pelicano”
Acrylic painting, 12″ x 23.5″ (unframed)

Donated by the Artist: Anne Goslin
Value: MX$9,500
If the winning bidder is in Canada,
this item will be shipped to you
at no charge.
11. Handpainted Stool 19″ Tall

Donated by the Artist: Rosy Peraza Rios
Value: MX$1,200
12. “Deep Blue”
Photograph mounted on canvas, 24″ x 24″

Donated by the Artist: Carl Boudreaux
Value: MX$2,000
13. “Tropical Sunset”
Handmade quilt wall hanging 36″ x 36″

Donated by the Artist: Speranza Avram
Value: MX$1,500
14. Woven Zapotec Rug 48″ x 60″

Donor: Hecho a Mano
Value: MX$2,500
15. “Symbiosis” Watercolor
9″ x 11″ framed

Donated by the Artist: Cheryl Babineau
Value: MX$2,500
16. Mayan Miracles
Organic and Vegan Skin Care Products

(2) Green Tea, Witch Hazel & Vitamin C Water Toner 120 ml
(2) Collagen, Avocado & Hyaluronic Acid lotion 125 ml
(2) Hyaluronic Acid 30 ml
(2) Hyaluronic Acid w/ 6 peptidos 30 ml
(1) Hyaluronic Acid Gel w/ Seaweed Collagen 60 ml
Donor: Michael Curran
Value: MX$5,000